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Wonders band 1964

Was the wonders a real band?

The Wonders were never a band , “That Thing You Do!” was never a hit, Playtone was never a record company, and that’s exactly why That Thing You Do! rings truer and shakes with more pure, ecstatic joy than any film based on someone’s “inspiring true story” ever has.

Is that thing you do based off a true story?

The true story behind “That Thing You Do !” is that its brilliance and clap-along appeal was anything but accidental — thanks to Adam Schlesinger, who died on Wednesday (April 1) following COVID-19 complications.

Who is the real singer of that thing you do?

In reality. The song was written by Adam Schlesinger , the bassist of the alternative rock group Fountains of Wayne. Schlesinger did not expect his song to be chosen, but tried as “a personal exercise.” Performers include Mike Viola on vocals with Schlesinger on backup vocals.

Is Del Paxton a real person?

Artist Biography by Timothy Monger Buffalo-based indie emo act Del Paxton take their name from the fictional jazz pianist in the 1996 film That Thing You Do!.

Did the wonders play their own instruments?

THE ACTORS ACTUALLY LEARNED HOW TO PLAY THEIR INSTRUMENTS . Player ) and Johnathon Schaech (Jimmy Mattingly) spent a month learning all of the notes to all of The Wonders’s tunes, even though they weren’t actually the ones playing them.

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How old is Thomas Everett Scott?

How does that thing you do end?

The ending that That Thing You Do would eventually land on was a series of photos detailing where each member of the group wound up in their futures. Though if you were wondering where Mr. Amos White landed in his life, he’s retired with his boyfriend Floyd (played in an extended cut scene by Howie Long).

What is the age of Tom Hanks?

Is that thing you do on Netflix?

Because of the movie’s exclusivity to Cinemax, you can only stream That Thing You Do ! on Cinemax’s streaming service, MAX GO if you have a cable subscription with Cinemax. Unfortunately, there’s no way to watch this movie on Netflix .

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