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Merge dragons wonders

What do you do with wonders in Merge dragons?

The Dragon World has Wonders , which are the highest item of specific Merge Chains. They can be tapped for lots of goodies. None of them can be merged further, and give additional rewards every X hours actively played in Camp.

How many wonders are there in Merge dragons?

All Items (17)

What are the 10 wonders of Merge dragons?

Intro. Wonder #1: Remains of the Dragon God ( Dragon Trees) Wonder #2: Rainbow (Life Flowers) Wonder #3: Ensnared Virtue (Grass) Wonder #4: Fountain of Youth (Hills) Wonder #5: Stonehenge (Living Stones) Wonder #6: Bottled Ocean (Water) Wonder #7: Trinity Dome (Prism Flowers)

What is the whoops button on Merge dragons?

And you are most likely wondering what it for… This is the spot where you can enter Whoops Codes. These are code that you will receive from winning a camp contest the developers host on Instagram, or when there is a problem with a purchase in game and the support team gives you a code to fix the problem.

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What does the Golden Apple do in Merge dragons?

Golden apples are a decorative item that increases the beauty of your land. You can merge 3 or 5 golden apples together to create the Golden Apple of the Cosmos, a magic coin, or Dragon Egg Chest easily.

Where are the secret levels in Merge dragons?

List of Secret Levels The Secret of Four – 1 Chalice, Bronze Chest, gives Coins. Secret : The Crescent – 1 Chalice, Bronze Chest, gives Coins. The Secret Veldt Alley – 2 Chalices, Silver Chest, gives Stars. The Secret Healer’s Den – 1 Chalice, Bronze Chest, gives Stars.

What is the point of merge dragons?

Merge Dragons ! is a puzzle adventure game, where players have to heal a magical land, harness the power of dragons , solve puzzles and build their camp to grow their dragons . All items in the game can be matched and merged to produce unique artifacts and create a variety of effects.

What is amber used for in Merge dragons?

Amber is a type of merging object. It can be merged to produce Magic Coins – Silver (common), Dragon Egg Chest (Wise Dragon variation) or Noble Chests (rare).

Do ancient dragon skulls disappear?

It can be harvested for Unearthed Skeletons or treasure chests, but doing so will diminish the skull each time until it’s gone permanently.

How do you get dragon gems in Merge dragons?

How can I get more Gems ? Play Quests! Every time you complete a quest, there is a small chance that instead of a normal, yellow Fallen Star, a purple Dragon Star will appear. Bring them to Camp! If they appear in a level, don’t tap them! Merge them in 5s! Merge the Gems in 5s!

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Can you merge ruins of the sky palace?

Ruins of the Sky Palace is the final stage of Bushes in Merge Dragons! You won’t be able to further merge bushes after this as it is the highest possible level. Take a look at the guide below if you ‘re interested in learning more about the Ruins of the Sky .

Where are the purple stars in Merge dragons?

Merge Dragons Purple Stars , aka Dragon Stars are found randomly when getting stars by completing quests in the levels from the World Map as well as the quests back at camp.

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