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Readers ask: Stonehenge to salisbury?

How do I get from Salisbury to Stonehenge?

Salisbury is 9 miles from Stonehenge . There are no public scheduled buses but a Stonehenge tour bus run on a hop-on, hop-off principle shuttles between Salisbury train station and Stonehenge and also visits local places of interest, Old Sarum and Salisbury Cathedral.

Is the Stonehenge worth it?

The site does have a curious history, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s very easy to get to from London. However, I wouldn’t recommend making a visit to Stonehenge the only motivation for a day trip from London. Pair it with Bath or Salisbury or another place of interest to make it worth your time.

How much is the Stonehenge tour bus?

Guide Prices

Ticket Type Ticket Tariff
Adult All Inclusive £35.00 per ticket
Adult Bus Only £15.00 per ticket
Adult Tour and Stones £29.00 per ticket
Child All Inclusive £23.00 per ticket

Can you just walk up to Stonehenge?

During normal opening hours you cannot walk up to the stones themselves. The nearest you will get to the stones is about 10 yards, the monument being roped off by a low barrier, (see picture below). However it is possible to walk up to and among the stones at Stonehenge outside public opening hours.

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Can you see Stonehenge without paying?

Hi we recently visited Stonehenge – on Friday in fact! You can absolutely visit for free, type in Willoughby Road, Larkhill, Salisbury into your sat Nav or google maps and drive to the bottom of that road where the Stonehenge sign is. Walk down the pathway – it may say closed / no access (that’s for cars only!)

Can you go to Stonehenge without a tour?

It is free for people purchasing tickets to enter Stonehenge , there is a charge if you are not. To enter the Stonehenge Exhibition at the Visitor Centre you need a full ticket to Stonehenge , anyone can access the café, gift shop and toilets though, for free.

Is Stonehenge a 7 Wonders of the World?

Stonehenge is one of the best known ancient wonders of the world . The 5,000 year old henge monument became a World Heritage Site in 1986. Despite numerous theories, no-one knows for certain the reason why Stonehenge was built. The stones that form the inner ring came from the Preseli Mountains in Wales.

Can you touch the Stonehenge?

Stonehenge is protected under the Ancient Monuments and Archaelogical Areas Act and you must adhere to the regulations outlined in the act or face criminal prosecution. No person may touch , lean against, stand on or climb the stones, or disturb the ground in any way.

Is Stonehenge guarded at night?

There are security guards who patrol the stones. The Stonehenge Car Park is next to the visitor centre and is closed at night (and watched over by Security guards).

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How long is the Stonehenge tour?

On average, a visit to Stonehenge takes around two hours.

How far is Stonehenge from Portsmouth?

The distance between Portsmouth and Stonehenge (Mountain) is 42 miles.

How do I get from Stonehenge to Bath?

The cheapest (but longest) method is to take bus number X4 from Bath Bus Station to Salisbury, at 9.20 am arriving there at 11.30 am, then take bus number 3 from the Bus Station at 11.45 to Stonehenge – the bus gives you 40 minutes at Stonehenge (which many say is quite enough) before returning you to Salisbury at 1.35

Why is Stonehenge closed?

English Heritage, a national charity that manages hundreds of historic sites, soon after made the decision to close Stonehenge to visitors “due to unforeseen circumstances” and said it was against the law for anyone to enter the monument area without its consent.

Why is Stonehenge roped off?

As visitorship increased, the grass in the center of the stones died from being trampled by 815,000 people each year. In 1977, the stones were roped off so people couldn’t climb on them any longer.

What happened to Stonehenge missing stones?

A missing piece of Stonehenge was recovered, after being lost for six decades. The cylindrical piece of sandstone was drilled out of one of the giant upright stones at Stonehenge during restoration work in 1958. A lost piece of one of Stonehenge’s iconic standing stones has finally been returned.

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