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Penn’s cave

How long is the Penn’s Cave tour?

A 45-50 minute fully-guided tour of the all-water cavern , given entirely by boat! The cave tour is not handicapped accessible – there are 48 steep concrete steps that lead to the dock entrance where the tour boats are boarded.

How deep is the water in Penn’s Cave?

It turns out that the water is only 3 to 5 feet deep. As we glided into the cavern, the sparse sunlight illuminated the wispy clouds our breath was forming.

Who owns Penns Cave?

Today, the cave is still partly owned by the descendants of the Campbells. The cave , though, is much older than the hotel – by 30 million years. Pete Walker, assistant to the cave director says, “The existence of the cave was known to the local Indians.” The whole cavern was not explored until 1860.

How far is Penn’s Cave from State College?

Penn’s Cave is located in Central Pennsylvania, 18 miles East of State College , home of Pennsylvania State University. Interstate 80 is approximately 30 minutes from the cavern .

What county is Penn’s Cave in?

Penn’s Cave in Centre County , the heart of Pennsylvania , is close to State College, home of Penn State’s main campus, University Park. The area attracts thousands of visitors each year.

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