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Neopets dark cave

How do you get into the dark cave in Neopets?

When you have found all ten worms, click on the lantern in your inventory and choose the ‘fill it with worms’ option; the lantern will become a Brightly Lit Lantern. Enter the Dark Cave , located right of The Gilded Page on the Moltara Caves map.

What a neat looking worm Too bad you have nowhere to put it?

What a neat looking worm . Too bad you have nowhere to put it . It is important to click on a worm when you see one. If you wait too long, it may disappear again.

What does shiny obsidian do in Neopets?

The main use of Shiny Obsidian is as a material for building robot petpets at Tangor’s Workshop, a shop in Moltara. Take a piece of Shiny Obsidian to Tangor’s Workshop along with Scrap Metal and Stone, Miscellaneous Gears and Red Moltite, all of which are other items introduced during the “Atlas of the Ancients” plot.

How do you get magma in Neopets?

Magma , the Color You can only get a Magma pet when the guard is sleeping. The only other way known currently to get a Magma pet is through the Secret Lab. Also for those of you who would like to see what your pet would look like before you paint it you can see it at the Rainbow Pool !

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How do you level up Neopets?

Tips on Increasing Stats of Neopets for Newbies Never train in Mystery Island Training School. Make use of the Golden Dubloon. Increase other stats to their limit, then increase level . Play Deadly Dice to reduce a pet’s level or use the Lab Ray to reduce a pet’s level if necessary. ( Use Lab Ray on your pets. (

What is a magma pool?

A magma chamber is a large pool of liquid rock beneath the surface of the Earth. The molten rock, or magma , in such a chamber is less dense than the surrounding country rock, which produces buoyant forces on the magma that tend to drive it upwards.

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