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Legend of five mile cave

Is Legend of 5 mile cave a true story?

But Sam insists that Shooter Green was a real-life cowboy, and one of the best-known stories surrounding the guy (Shooter Green and the Legend of 5 Mile Cave )was a pretty well-known tale that supposedly really happened, too.

Where is the 5 mile cave?

The adventure of two lifetimes wasn’t filmed just anywhere. To make this a true Western, we went to Old Tucson. Explore the making of The Legend of 5 Mile Cave on this historical set, where many classic Western films and series were created.

Who narrates the legend of Five Mile cave?

Preview: Adam Baldwin in “The Legend of 5 Mile Cave”

Was there really a shooter Green?

Samuel Green (1796 – April 25, 1822) was a United States serial killer and robber.

Is the cave based on a true story?

The Cave tells the true -life story of the dramatic rescue of 12 boys and their football coach from Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand in 2018. Four of the volunteer cave divers play themselves in the film, as does Thai engineer Nopadol Niyomka, who helped pump rainwater out of the cave .

Who played Shooter Green?

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