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Hob’s fall cave

How do you open the gate in Hob’s Fall Cave?

After looting, return to the room with the sacrificial table and the arcane enchanter. To open the gate , there is a pull chain to the right of it.

Where is HOB’s fall cave?

Hob’s Fall Cave is located in Northern Skyrim. You can find it by traveling South East of Dawnstar or South West of Winterhold. This cave is a bit hidden in a narrow slit of ice.

Where is the unusual gem in Hob’s Fall Cave?

In the sleeping quarters section, at the bottom of the pit under the wooden bridge there is an Unusual Gem . At the far end of the cave , a large chest contains Pantea’s Flute.

Where can I find Isabelle Rolaine?

Isabelle Rolaine , a Breton sorceress, is found dead in Hob’s Fall Cave, near the entrance. In life, she was the lover of Ranmir, a Nord living in Winterhold.

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Can you save Larina Skyrim?

It is impossible to save Larina . Her sacrifice is scripted, and cannot be avoided.

How do you open the gate in dead Crone rock?

It can be accessed by going through Hag Rock Redoubt. A Word Wall for the Dismay shout is at the top.

Is there a word of power in Yngvild?

When you are about to enter the Yngvild throne room, you will notice that there is a symbol on the door which indicates that there is a Word Wall in that area/room you are about to enter; however, no such Word Wall exists.

Where is the stone of Barenziah in Thalmor embassy?

Solitude(Blue Palace): The stone is on the shelf in Jarl Elisif the Fair’s quarters. 3A. Thalmor Embassy : Pre Patch 1.5: In Elenwen’s Solar in the Thalmor Embassy , in one of the bedrooms. You have to find this during or after the main quest: Diplomatic Immunity.

Where are the stones of Barenziah?


# Hold Location
1 Eastmarch Ansilvund – Ansilvund Burial Chambers
2 Eastmarch Stony Creek Cave
3 Eastmarch Windhelm – House of Clan Shatter-Shield
4 Eastmarch Windhelm – Palace of the Kings

What do I do with the Pantea’s Flute in Skyrim?

Pantea’s Flute is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim . It is given to the Dragonborn after they become a full member of the Bards College. If the Dragonborn already has the flute and talks with Pantea Ateia, they can immediately return it to her.

Where is Yngvild?

Yngvild is an ice cave located in Northern Skyrim. You can find it North East of Dawnstar on an island.

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Where is the Sunderstone gorge in Skyrim?

Sunderstone Gorge is a cave located in Southern Skyrim . You can find it by traveling North West of Falkreath or South West of Whiterun.

What race is vex Skyrim?


Vex (RefID: 00028938)
Home City Riften
Location The Ragged Flagon
Race Imperial Female
Level PC×1 (range=10-50) Thief

Can you marry Sapphire?

While Sapphire probably isn’t the nicest character in the game, she’s certainly one of the coolest! Ever wanted a chance to go on a thieving quest with her? Well, with Marry – Sapphire , now you can ! Just buy an Amulet of Mara, talk to Maramal, and ask her to marry you !

What is sapphires real name?

Her father Glover Mallory is a Breton, and she is a Nord, which implies her mother was a Nord. Despite sounding like an assumed name , according to Glover Mallory’s letter, ‘ Sapphire ‘ is her actual name .

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