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Cave in rock ferry

How much does Cave In Rock Ferry cost?

12 miles up the road is Marion, Il. There is a quaint downtown, and the surrounding area has many small Amish home based shops. Makes for a nice day or half day excursion. The ferry is free, underwritten by the Kentucky DOT.

Where does the Cave In Rock Ferry go?

The Cave-In-Rock Ferry connects KY 91 with ILLINOIS Route 1 across the Ohio River between Crittenden County, KY, and Hardin County, IL . The ferry normally operates from 6:00 a.m. to 9:50 p.m. central time, 7 days a week. The ferry carries about 500 vehicles across the Ohio River in an average day.

Is the Brussels Ferry free?

Operated by the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Brussels Ferry offers free ferry transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across the Illinois River at State Route 100 (about one mile north of Grafton) and the Illinois River Road in Calhoun County.

How far is cave in rock?

It’s just a short 0.25 mile hike from the parking to the very impressive cave . Right along the river, it may have been used by bandits and outlaws in the frontier days. The cave is huge and you. There is an opening in the ceiling so even the interior of the cave is slightly illuminated.

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Where does the Grafton Ferry take you?

The ferry carries passengers from St. Charles, Mo., to Grafton . The Illinois side of the landing is located near the Grafton Lighthouse and public boat ramp off Market Street. The landing on the Missouri side is at Grafton Ferry Road, which is just off of Highway 94.

What is ferry service?

A ferry is a merchant vessel used to carry passengers, and sometimes vehicles and cargo, across a body of water. Ship connections of much larger distances (such as over long distances in water bodies like the Mediterranean Sea) may also be called ferry services , especially if they carry vehicles.

Where does the Brussels Ferry go?

The Brussels ferry is located one mile west of Grafton and crosses the Illinois River linking Illinois Route 100 to Calhoun County, near Brussels .

Is Golden Eagle Ferry open?

The ferry is open year-round seven days a week. From Brussels, IL take Ridge Rd. to Mississippi River Road to the town of Golden Eagle , then Ferry Rd. to the landing on the river.

How do you get to the cave in rock?

From the south, take highway 90 from Marion, KY., and cross the Cave-in-Rock ferry and follow directional signs to the park entrance. From the southeast take I-24 west from the I-24 bridge to exit #16, then go 38 miles east on Illinois highway 146 to the park.

How the West Was Won Cave In Rock?

The 1962 film How the West Was Won featured Jimmy Stewart playing a mountain man going down the Ohio River. Along the way, they stopped in at Cave-In-Rock where Stewart meets a group of pirates. Their trick was to lure people in the cave then robbing and killing their victims.

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What county is Cave In Rock IL?

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