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Besaid cave code

What is the Besaid key for in FFX 2?

The Besaid Key is needed in order to open a chest containing the Search Sphere. The Besaid Key can be obtained in two different ways: Buying it in the shop at Besaid Village for 900,000 gil in Chapters One and Two. Rescuing its owner in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in Chapter Three.

How do you use search spheres in FFX 2?

Hold O until you find a spot with the strongest feedback then press X.

How do I go back to Besaid?

Rent a chocobo for 1000 Gil (or walk, your choice, really), all the back to Luca, then check the Docks until you find a boat leaving for Kilika. Take it (it is free), then once you land in Kilika, take another boar to Besaid . When you are ready, do it all in reverse to go back to where you are supposed to be.

How do I get back to Besaid after Spherimorph?

If all you want is the Jecht Sphere, then go back to Besaid immediately after defeating the Spherimorph boss, before going to Macalania temple. You can get into Besaid town safely, and the Jecht Sphere will be laying on the ground outside of the temple.

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How do I get back to Besaid temple without fighting dark Valefor?

Unfortunately, the only way to obtain the sphere in Besaid village for Auron’s overdrives without fighting Dark Valefor is to backtrack all the way to Besaid immediately after you fight Spherimorph in Macalania Woods and automatically obtain the first Jecht Sphere (BEFORE you proceed to Lake Macalania).

How do you get the jecht sphere in Besaid?

User Info: erict1628 After defeating Spherimorph at Macalania Lake. Besaid Village, steps near the Temple of Yevon (return here straight after defeating Spherimorph to collect this sphere , or else you’ll need to defeat a tough boss later) On the S.S. Liki, bridge.

How do I get back to Kilika Temple?

Go to the Highbridge. It should be on the Airship List. You will see a scene with Shelinda and then Mika. TRy going to the Temples after that.

Where are the jecht spheres?

The Jecht Sphere is located to the right of Besaid Temple. This is the most difficult of the Spheres to obtain given the fact that Besaid Village is blocked after you have picked up the Airship while fleeing from the Al Bhed homeland of Home.

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