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Assassin’s creed odyssey cave of the forgotten isle

How do I open the door in the Cave of the Forgotten Isle?

Unlock the Gate in the Cave of the Forgotten Isle Head through it and underneath the rubble to find a gate that is “not of this world”. From here you’ll need to level up and progress further before you can access the area behind this gate .

What is behind the door in the Cave of the Forgotten Isle?

What’s Behind Forgotten Isle ? One of the 4 World Bosses, the Cyclops, is found in the Forgotten Isle . This is endgame stuff for which you’ll need a high level.

Where is the treasure in the Cave of the Forgotten Isle?

Treasure 1 is in the water pool at the very top of the cave camp. That would be the Forgotten Isle south of the Region Phokis. It is located on Kythera so there is no need to leave this small island just yet.

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What happens if you kill Elpenor?

I Killed Elpenor – If you choose this option, the man says you will pay. He will late put a bounty on your head for telling the truth. Losing Your Family Can Be Very Hard – If you choose this option, the man will ask for some help killing bandits. You get paid and get some leather for helping him out.

How do you get out of forgotten isle?

If your looking/facing the door you can’t enter, there is a exit on the left side of the wall.

How do you kill Brontes?

Roll more than you block. Most of Brontes ‘ attacks aren’t easily blockable, if at all, and it’s often safer to be out of the way altogether. If the Cyclops’ right arm raises up with hand open, it’s about to try and grab you. This does huge damage and must be avoided – roll backwards or to the right, past the arm.

How do I upgrade my spear of Leonidas?

In Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, one of the first weapons you have access to is the Spear of Leonidas . To upgrade it, you’ll need to pursue members of the Eyes of Kosmos. By hunting these cult members down, you’ll be able to accrue Artifact Fragments. Note that not all Eyes of Kosmos members drop Artifact Fragments.

Where is the last artifact in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

The Messara Artifact can be found inside the Labyrinth of Lost Souls on Messara, at the very South East edge of the map. There’s a series of quests you must do to gain access to the labyrinth, where you’ll need to find the Minotaur.

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What level is the Cyclops in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey?

The cyclops quests can be started at level 36, but you should have a minimum level of 40 when you take him on.

Where is the marooned bandit camp in Odyssey?

The Marooned Bandit Camp was a bandit camp located on a small island in the Korinthian Gulf, southwest of Phokis, Greece.

Can you go back to the underworld AC Odyssey?

After killing Hades , you will return to the original map. However, you can return to Hades ‘ lands any time you want to perform side activities.

How do you beat the forgotten isle in Mario Odyssey?

How to escape Forgotten Isle Head along the jungle path, turn right, left and right again and you’ll see a large ruin in front of you. Run across this area, avoiding the bug enemies, then climb the stairs to your left and Ground Pound the highest step to reverse it.

How do I find and recruit the best archer on the pirate island?

You need to make your way to the Marooned Bandit Camp along the southern shore of Phokis. Dock to the location and send up Ikaros to find the Archer you are looking for. They will be marked with the mission insignia, but also you see a portrait and next to that, a boost to Archery for those on the ship .

How do you unlock cyclops in AC Odyssey?

To find the Cyclops you must start the side mission A God Among Men. It is available on Kithira Island. This mission is described on a separate page of the guide. The mission will lead you to the side mission Stairway to Olympos.

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